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 昨日はモリ先輩こと中村昌也くんと矢口真里さんの結婚披露宴に羽鳥ビスコさん、環裕典、鏡夜駿介と出席してきました。こんなに豪華な披露宴は初めてだーと思いつつ、随所にふたりの手作り演出がされていて、とても微笑ましい素敵な披露宴でした( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Yesterday I attended the wedding reception of Mori-sempai, Nakamura Masaya and Yaguchi Mari with Hattori Bisco-san, Tamaki Yusuke and Kyoya Shunsuke. While thinking that this was my first time attending such a luxurious reception, the handmade feel made it a even more beautiful reception ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (Yes the director did write it like that)


Time to cut into the cake they made together ☆ (Picture 01)


Everyone said Masaya’s hairstyle was very cool. Yusuke and Shunsuke said it would have been better if he had kept it like his hairstyle from host club. (Picture 02)  (It was a joke)


Celebratory flowers from Haruhi☆ (Picture 03)


A celebratory comment from our host club president and vice president ☆ I think they were a bit nervous (*^^*) (Picture 04)


It was a bit blurry so here is another picture of the comment from friends ☆(Picture 05)

そして披露宴会場の入口にはこんな素敵なウェルカムボードが( ´ ▽ ` )ノふたりのたっての希望に、超多忙なビスコさんがほぼ徹夜で書き上げられたそうです。

And at the entrance of the reception venue, there was this beautiful welcome board ( ´ ▽ ` ) On a request from both of them, Bisco-san, who’s very busy spent all night drawing it. (Picture 06)

ドリームモーニング娘の歌があったりの華やか宴のなか、ふたりが大好きなONE PIECEのキャラクターたちが祝福のコメントを送るVTRが流れると大ファンの駿介が大興奮(^-^)会場には声優の方々も出席されていてビスコさんと駿介が一緒にONE PIECE談義をされる貴重な一幕も^^

Not only was there a beautiful performance by Dream Morning Musume, there was a celebratory VTR from their favourite characters from ONE PIECE. When Shunsuke saw this, he became very excited. As some voice actors also attended the reception, Bisco-san and Shunsuke were able to have a valuable chat about ONE PIECE with them.

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