Yes… My intuition was not wrong…^^

Ouran High School Live-Action Movie Subtitles

I found the subtitles as a separate file in case anybody wants to download. It’s the same as the dramacrazy subs just an .srt file.

A message from sweet--toxic

Thank you so much for telling us! Everyone thank this wonderful person for the glorious news!!!

A message from izaara
Any update on the movie at all? Is anyone working on it? ;~;

As far as I know, there isn’t. I have no idea what’s going on with it honestly but as of right now, nothing has been said on someone working on the subs :((((

A message from solidisking
Actually the video I submitted has Hard-Coded Chinese Subs. If the submission is still up then the person that was asking for Chinese Subs can download it.

Whoops, sorry, forgot about that. So to the person asking about the Chinese subs, if you look for the download then that’s what you’re looking for :)

A message from thewumobile
Hi! I know the English subs for the movie haven't been out, but what about Chinese subs?

Just checked and no, not any sort of subs have been released :(

A message from robotsanddonuts
Are their any great kyouya live action youtube tributes or rp tumblr blogs?

Not that we know of. You may try looking through the Kyouya/Kyoya Ootori/ Kyoya Ohtori tags and see if there is a person! I’m sure there will be :)

Ouran Live Action The Movie DVDRip 490.83 MB Download (2shared link)

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu, minna-san!

This are the download links for the DVDRip version of Ouran High School Host Club.

I have uploaded it to 2shared this time.

Get the links and password here:


Is there anyone who has the Japanese script or subtitle?

Please share it with me.

I hope you enjoy your day.