A message from melt-the-owl
Hello there! I was wondering where the original thing the Disapproving Twins meme is made from, is from? Is it in one of the tokutens by any chance? ^^;

Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that one of very own Admins created that meme. She has quite the wit and she started quite a few Ouran memes so I think our blog is where it originated from :)

A message from izzythehutt
Does anyone know if they're planning on making a followup movie or season 2, to wrap up the plot of the manga?

Nothing has been said yet. As of right now, the movie is actually the wrap up but you never know what may happen ;)

Hello everyone! I’ve finished subbing the movie!

Though someone has uploaded it to dramacrazy, if you’d like you can get the subs on my livejournal: http://myxonexlove.livejournal.com/

I hope everyone enjoys it!